Евгений Андреевич

Евгений Андреевич

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Рыбалка на хищника

Отвезу вас на озеро, посажу на лодку, предоставлю снасти, покажу и научу правильной рыбалке на щуку и окуня. Приятное времяпрепровождение гарантировано!
8 hour
10 000 ₽

Backend creation for you project with Golang

Highly skilled Go backend developer with a proven track record of building scalable and efficient web applications. Strong proficiency in Go language and web development, including RESTful API development and database management. I am always looking for new and challenging projects to work on, and I am eager to join a team where I can continue to improve and grow as a developer.
1 hour